Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm dreaming of...

I've been preoccupied with farmer's markets, new makeup artistry rack cards, bridal expo, business goals, and on and on.  My whole body has been literally tormented with anxious energy.  I told someone recently that I'm always at a heightened level of energy-I'm all about fight or flight.  Seriously, who am I fighting?  It's ridiculous.  Whenever I do get a moment of quiet, like when I'm doing a facial and my client is quiet, it gives me my only quiet time, and I dream about moving.  I dream of having to a bigger space to pursue my dreams.  I dream of having a real filing cabinet of my own, a desk, a place to organize and file, my own cork board, my own inspiration files.  Since I've made the transition from teacher to esthetician, I've worked off of my couch in my living room.  I literally have on expandable file and a file box, and that's what I run my business out of.  It' s hilarious. 

I dream of trips to Ikea, designing a space that I love, growing a dynamic visual business that feeds my creative spirit; of expanding in ways that I've yet to imagine, of letting my intuition guide me, of praying to God that my intuition lead me the right way, that He illuminate the path that I'm supposed to follow.  I feel like I'm on a new brink, the cusp of something exciting.  I need to not let fear and doubt play a part in anything going on right now.