Monday, March 26, 2012

book recommendation

I'm writing to you today from Charleston, SC.  Andy and I are down here celebrating our 10-year anniversary!  We got married down here, 10 years ago today, in White Point Gardens.  10 years is a milestone for me, and we are looking forward to some R&R.

I picked up this book last week and decided to start reading it on the ride down.  It's been a long time since I picked up a book and was instantly drawn in.  Since I switched careers, I find that I follow my heart/gut/instinct a lot more than I used to.  I find that I follow inspiration where it leads me, and I try to stay in tune with my intuition.  That may sound like hooey, but it's true for me.  Just like anybody else, my life gets imbalanced a lot, and I try to figure out how to get the balance back.  

So far, this book is just what I need to read right now.  It talks about struggling with perfectionism and getting caught up in what other people THINK about you and what you're doing, instead of just being authentic to yourself and being vulnerable.  I must be hormonal because there were many times in the first four chapters, that my eyes briefly welled up and I probably could've shed a tear or two.  However, I'm not a big crier, especially in front of my husband, and espcially not when I did my makeup that morning ;)

Check it out!

Monday, March 19, 2012

a labor of love

My humble little business is a labor of love.  And by love, I mean, my passion.  However, I've been working 45-55 hours a week for a long time without much of a break, and my love tank was getting empty.  If there are any fellow Real Housewives of Orange County fans out there, you know what I'm talking about (aka Vicky Gunvalson).  So, what do you do when you're feeling like you've got nothing left to give?  You take a roadtrip to Fairfax, VA to visit with one of your oldest & bestest friends, you do a lot of shopping, and you get a facial & body treatment from a master esthetician at Organic Plum Studio.

If you're ever in or around Leesburg, VA, I highly recommend Lisa Leach.  You should definitely check out her services!  I had been anticipating meeting up with her and checking out her space for months!  She is a sole practitioner like me, and we use a lot of the same products.  I really wanted to see how she had her space set up, how she handled booking appointments, greeting, shopping, etc.  I got so many ideas from how she runs her business and has everything set up.  I will definitely be implementing a new beverage & snack station kind of like this (these photos were taken in her relaxation room as inspiration for my new amenities)

Andy is putting together new furniture as we speak, and I have loads of spa ambience on the way here.  I am SO EXCITED!!  I feel like this is the next step of progression in growing my business.

Friday, March 16, 2012

getting out of town and girlfriend time

I'm so excited to be going to Fairfax, VA this weekend!  I get to visit with one of my oldest & dearest friends, and we're getting facials tomorrow!  I haven't had a facial since October 2010!  I am hoping to do lots of shopping.  I will thoroughly document the weekend, and keep the blog updated.  Yeah, right.  But, maybe I'll try. I'll leave you with my two favorite photos from this past week...
She is absolutely enthralled with Judy Moody right now.  I love how she likes to listen to the chapter books and can follow the story line.  Maybe she's a reader after all.

He can be a cooperative photographic subject when he gets to play video games. This week, I succeeded in turning off the t.v. and video games.  He practiced violin more, read more independently, and we all felt like we had more time to actually do stuff.  

Monday, March 12, 2012

Finally...family time

Lately it's been too much work, not enough play, and definitely not enough family time.  So when I had three facials that cancelled on Saturday, I took it as a sign that I was being given an opportunity to get some quality family time in.  We all loaded up and went to Bridgeport to sneak in lunch at Mountaineer Grill. 

We stocked up on shoes at the Shoe Story (I finally used those great Buy 1, Get 1 gift certificates!!).  
I know, I know, the photo doesn't show her new shoes (trust me, she's set in the shoe department), but it does show one of her new spring outfits :)
We even got to take the kids to see The Lorax.
The movie got me thinking.  Any time I'm not working, I get all existential and introspective.  Can't wait 'til May-that's all I'm sayin'.  And, last but not least, Mama got some new sheets!  I don't know why, but I've had a sheet fetish lately.  I am really picky about sheets, and found a beautiful set at Marshall's-score! 

We even got home early enough for the kids to get in some cartoon-watching and playtime, and I got to go  grab dinner with some girlfriends.  Thank you Saturday for letting me have a life!