Friday, March 16, 2012

getting out of town and girlfriend time

I'm so excited to be going to Fairfax, VA this weekend!  I get to visit with one of my oldest & dearest friends, and we're getting facials tomorrow!  I haven't had a facial since October 2010!  I am hoping to do lots of shopping.  I will thoroughly document the weekend, and keep the blog updated.  Yeah, right.  But, maybe I'll try. I'll leave you with my two favorite photos from this past week...
She is absolutely enthralled with Judy Moody right now.  I love how she likes to listen to the chapter books and can follow the story line.  Maybe she's a reader after all.

He can be a cooperative photographic subject when he gets to play video games. This week, I succeeded in turning off the t.v. and video games.  He practiced violin more, read more independently, and we all felt like we had more time to actually do stuff.  

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