Monday, March 26, 2012

book recommendation

I'm writing to you today from Charleston, SC.  Andy and I are down here celebrating our 10-year anniversary!  We got married down here, 10 years ago today, in White Point Gardens.  10 years is a milestone for me, and we are looking forward to some R&R.

I picked up this book last week and decided to start reading it on the ride down.  It's been a long time since I picked up a book and was instantly drawn in.  Since I switched careers, I find that I follow my heart/gut/instinct a lot more than I used to.  I find that I follow inspiration where it leads me, and I try to stay in tune with my intuition.  That may sound like hooey, but it's true for me.  Just like anybody else, my life gets imbalanced a lot, and I try to figure out how to get the balance back.  

So far, this book is just what I need to read right now.  It talks about struggling with perfectionism and getting caught up in what other people THINK about you and what you're doing, instead of just being authentic to yourself and being vulnerable.  I must be hormonal because there were many times in the first four chapters, that my eyes briefly welled up and I probably could've shed a tear or two.  However, I'm not a big crier, especially in front of my husband, and espcially not when I did my makeup that morning ;)

Check it out!

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  1. Allison, you make me smile! I love your blogs...keep them coming! ;) Oh, and have a fun, relaxing time in Charleston...I LOVE that place!